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Divide Iris in August.  While we often dig a bumper crop of Siberian and Louisiana water iris each spring, the largest and most dramatic iris flowers are found on old-fashioned bearded iris. We even have the classic "Grandma's Iris" from Fritz Mitnick. Bearded iris are best divided in late summer. The timing also gives you a chance to inspect and treated iris rhizomes for borers. Two good online sources that describe division and dealing with borers include: 



"Common Ground, Our American Garden"

Pittsburgh Botanic Garden

799 Piinkerton Run Road

Oakdale, PA  15071

Thursday, September 27 from 6:15 to 8 p.m. 


Speaker:  Brett McNish, Supervisory Horticulturist at Smithsonian Gardens, will talk about the ways that plants have shaped our history, and continue to impact our future. Americans through history have grown flowers and herbs as a way to honor memory, provide healing, promote discovery and inspire ingenuity. 

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