Aspinwall Riverfront Park

Playground Sculpture at Aspinwall Riverfront ParkRailroad Bridge at Aspinwall Riverfront Park

Founded in 2011, Aspinwall Riverfront Park began as a community’s dream to connect with the river and to someday be able to walk, run and bike to downtown Pittsburgh. The community and our Club have helped to develop, sponsor and grow this riverfront park on land formerly slated to become a parking lot. This park's unique design features native plants and is designed to attract wildlife and reduce storm water flowing into the river. It is also home to walking trails, an amazing playground sculpture, ice-skating and kayaking. Our Club funds plantings at this park. Some of the garden areas were designed by our members. Our Club and our members are proud to support this effort, not only financially but also through donating their talent and time in creating and maintaining the gardens.