Tennis Shoe Recycling

 A mountain of shoesSince 2006, a major project of our Conservation/Environmental Watch Committee has been to collect and recycle used tennis shoes.  It has often been done in partnership with local Girl Scout troops. We typically have over 20 collection sites and collect over 1000 pairs of shoes. If the shoes are wearable they are given to The Free Store to be distributed for free to families in need.  The remaining shoes become part of the Nike-Reuse-A-Shoe program, which transforms them into Nike Grind. This product is made into running tracks and playground mats and is used in new Nike shoes and apparel.  Over the years thousands of pounds of shoes have been kept out of landfills and reused.


FCGC was awarded a National Garden Club Federation Award in 2009 for this project.

Tennis Shoe Recycling 2021-22